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Welcome to Ann Ferrier Artists!

In 2018 Ann Ferrier took over the running of Concert Directory International (CDI), the much-loved classical music agency which for over 40 years has been providing top level vocal soloists throughout the UK and abroad.

Much of the agency’s work is with choral and concert societies  up and down the country although increasingly we provide soloists for major orchestras and festivals too, offering professional singers as soloists for repertoire ranging from Monteverdi and earlier, to Bach, Mozart, Haydn and on to  Beethoven, Verdi, Mahler and into the 21st Century. Some of our singers are dedicated concert soloists, others work with vocal ensembles and consorts alongside their solo performances; many regularly appear on the opera stage around the world.

Ann Ferrier, owner and director of Ann Ferrier Artists, is a classically trained musician with a passion for choral works and opera. She lived and worked in Austria, singing with the world-renowned Arnold Schoenberg Chor and touring with many of the world’s top orchestras and conductors before returning to the UK. In London she worked as an agent for Connaught Artists Management where she developed the singers list.

Very much a business woman, Ann has an eye for PR, accounts and contractual detail, which she believes can be a real help in smoothing the sometimes complex path for artists, choral societies and promoters alike. Ann ran a property management rental business in Montenegro for a number of years, before returning to the world of music in 2017 when she joined up with her friend and colleague Jill Davies of Davies Music to run Concert Directory International which she now runs under her own brand of Ann Ferrier Artists. “It was,” she says “a delightful transition back in to the world I love above all, the world of classical music. Over the last year Jill has patiently, kindly and knowledgeably prepared me for running the agency. I am much looking forward to taking it happily on into the next decade and beyond!”

Ann Ferrier – Owner and Director


We know that times are hard and choirs and choral societies sometimes struggle financially, but all the more reason to ensure that every concert is the best it can possibly be after all the hard work and rehearsing. What better way to do this than to engage top level soloists to bring that extra musical pzazz and glamour to your performance and ultimately get more ticket sales!

We try to be accommodating of budgets and will work with you to find the perfect team of soloists most suited to your chosen repertoire. Or perhaps you prefer to choose yourself and request individual artists from our list.  Either way we are happy to advise and assist you. It takes a particular type of artist to work with amateur ensembles and choirs. All our singers understand that you are doing this for the love and enjoyment of singing and appreciate the social aspect.  Our singers will ensure that they arrive on time and with enthusiasm on the day, musically prepared and ready to make your special concert a delight for the audience and choir members alike.

Ann Ferrier Artists is delighted to have joined The Association of British Choral Directors as an Associate Member and looks forward to meeting and collaborating with lots of choirs and their directors as a result.



Many of the singers on our list are keen and highly experienced educators and love to share their knowledge on vocal and performance technique.  Everyone can learn to sing better and while it takes years to learn to produce sound and perform to the standard of the artists we represent as well as many, many hours of practice, a few helpful tips and hints on breathing, stance and vocal production can really make a difference no matter what level you sing at.

Perhaps your choir would like help with a specific work in the programme, or simply would like to learn some exercises to help with breathing or avoiding tensing up while singing.  Or perhaps you would like to do some vocal workshops engaging the local community beyond the regular members of your choir.  If so, we would be delighted to discuss your ideas and create vocal workshops specifically for your requirements.

Dream of Gerontius workshop Jan 2018

“We had a fantastic choral workshop day with Tom, Jennifer and Quentin. With a work like “Gerontius”, the relationship between the soloists and the chorus is so important and to have the opportunity to work, in detail, with our three concert soloists before the performance itself was invaluable. In addition, each of the three soloists brought really valuable technical advice for members of the choir in the sectional rehearsals, which really improved the overall sound made by the ensemble. For me as conductor, having the time to check tempi and talk in detail about the music, was a real blessing.”   Sam Hayes, Conductor Phoenix Choir, Crawley

Featuring soloists: Jennifer Westwood (mezzo-soprano), Tom Raskin (tenor), Quentin Hayes (baritone)

Mozart Coronation Mass and Requiem workshop March 2019

“Our workshop day with Paul and Janet was a superb success, and a vital step on our journey through our two Mozart choral works, towards the performance. Paul and Janet’s knowledge of vocal technique, and the way they distilled it in a way that works for the choir was so helpful, and left everyone with a real sense of accomplishment, which they carried through the rest of the rehearsals to the eventual concert. The printed resources Paul and Janet provided later to back up their technical advice on the workshop day helped to back up all the good work, and gave members of the choir lots of tips to take forward to future projects. Members of the choir are always uplifted by the addition of the soloists on the concert day, and having the opportunity to work with the same soloists at an earlier point in the rehearsal process really lifts the whole project!”  Sam Hayes, Conductor Phoenix Choir, Crawley

“I thought Janet and Paul were excellent; fun, knowledgeable, engaging, and some great technical tips.”  Michael Head, Chair, Phoenix Choir

Featuring soloists:  Janet Shell (mezzo-soprano) and Paul Austin Kelly (tenor)


Ann Ferrier Artists will usually only consider representing artists on the recommendation of someone within the profession and once having heard them in live performance either in concert or on stage.


We are privileged to be able to offer such a dynamic and top-flight artist list and very much hope you will enjoy browsing our site and discovering our artists.  Do make sure you scroll down to the very bottom of each artist page to view all their information.  Click on names and links highlighted in bold to go to individual artist pages or websites.  For current and past engagements please go to the calendar page.